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Customer Feedback

Sold our property in 30 days. Great site...

~ James from North Dakota

A great site that works to get the message out that our minerals are for sale.

~ Ted from Texas

We recently placed an ad in your Mineral Rights for Sale section. I was able to sell at the price I wanted so please discontinue my ad. Thanks for listing it. It worked out very well.

~ John from Ohio

I would like to thank Peter at Baycrest Energy Ltd., the owner of the LMR website. I had emailed several companies in reference to 5 acres of land I had in Reeves County, Texas. The company that previously had a lease on the property said they weren't interested in renewing the lease. Peter emailed my wife back the same day. He gave us some very helpful information on how to proceed. By following Peter's instructions we renewed the lease at 3 times the amount of the original lease and 20% if they drill and hit oil.

~ Robert and Janine from Florida

This prospect was leased and drilled. Thank you, this is a great website.

~ James from Texas

This website was very helpful to me. I used their suggestion to have them put a special flyer on my ad for the sale of my mineral rights and it wasn't long before we had a buyer. They guided me through the whole transaction with suggestions, advice, ideas, and confidence in knowing I was proceeding correctly and to a good outcome. It was smooth, easy, and while it took a little longer than we expected because of complications on my part, it was a very positive outcome. I'd recommend this site to anyone wanting to use it.

~ Elaine from North Carolina

Regarding my ad for Mineral Rights Wanted, I did hear from 25 or 30 land owners so your ad really did work for me.

~ Dan from Idaho

Your site was a great help... sold a royalty interest in ten days

~ Jerry from Texas

Thank you very much for offering such a great mineral lease service.

~ Tony from Texas

List Mineral Rights was number 1 on the list of sites. I'm going to spend a little bit of time checking out the site, looks like some interesting information.

~ Ryan from Alberta

I will recommend your site to the neighbors up in Tioga County, PA.

~ Sharon from PA

There is great potential for a website like yours.

~ Walter from Texas

Wow. great information. Thank you for your e-mail. I saw the great animations on your site and they give a great perspective of what is involved.

Bill from California

When I go down home next weekend, I will be sure to tell my cousin and she might know of someone who needs the kind of help you provide. For two years I have been in the dark about what to do. THANK YOU AND YOUR SITE !!!!!

~ Madeliene from PA